Club Rules and Members Handbook

         The club is affiliated to the BMFA and therefore all BMFA rules apply. The Club also operates with a minimum of additional rules and relies on the common sense of its members.


          Flying hours are from 10:00 to 20:00 (or dusk, whichever is earlier) inclusive 7 days per week. The farmer reserves the right to restrict flying on certain days when shooting is taking place in the field. Notification will be given in advance. Flying may also be restricted by the Committee on certain days should Cranfield Airport request a curtailment of flying for safety reasons during events such as the PFA rally.


         Under NO circumstances shall any persons be allowed to fly at this site unless they are a member of the M.K.M.A.A. or have permission granted by the club Secretary to fly as a guest only and to fly accompanied by a full M.K.M.A.A. member at all times.


         The document on the link below details the full rules of the MKMAA. Over the last few years it has been necessary to tighten up on some of the rules as modern society seems to move towards being more litigious and less prepared to accommodate the interests of others.


         As a result the club has produced a handbook which all members and prospective members are expected to read and follow as club members.


         When you join the club or renew your membership you will be expected to sign a declaration that you have read and agree to follow these rules. This is to make you aware of your responsibilities and to demonstrate that the club committee are seen to be exercising their ‘duty of care’.


         Click on link below to read/download the Handbook, in Adobe .PDF format.


Full Constitution and Rules for 2016 Final Copy.pdf