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Currently since installing the club live weather station earlier this year some teething problems have been occuring, these are being delt with quickly as possible.


Problems found so far:


1. Laptop system was using to much power and solar charging system could not keep the battery topped up enough during the darker winter days.


The laptop has now been replaced with a Raspberry Pi computer using a linux version of the weather reporting software used. This has greatly reduced the amount of battery power consumed to the point where the battery now stays pretty much 100% charged.


2. Internet connection is via a mobile sim dongle which currently is ‘pay as you go’ until data upload amounts can be calculated accuretly. This has ran out a few times causing the station to go offline needing me to visit the field to top up.


The ‘pay as you go’ sim will be replaced with a more suitable cheaper solution later.


3. Changing over to the linux version of software has been challenging as I am not a software programmer !! This is not a simple program install by running an automatic installer letting the computer do the rest. It’s done the hard way so there have been a few bugs along the way created by myself and the origional program writers.


4. The software is an ongoing open source project and seems pretty stable with the latest version installed but is the best software I have come across so far for the purpose without paying loads of ££££.


5. As of date the system is running in my back garden as indicated at the top of the web page, this is just for debugging in case you visit it now but will be back over the field soon.


Looks like I have got the bugs sorted and need to check the uploading runs ok over a couple of days then work out how much it actually uploads each day.


At the moment the actual web pages are updated every 30 minutes, the gauges are updated every 30 seconds as indicated by the count down timer.


Some members have asked for an indication of the wind direction compared to our main flying strip to be shown on the web page, I will be doing this soon as I can.


By the way in case you have missed these, at the bottom of the main web page there are web links to more pages within our mkmaa weather site, showing graphs etc.


This system records the club weather over time storing it for future reference, Some members may find it interesting.


Don’t forget to refresh your web browser if you have visited the web page in the past.


If any members have any issues or idea’s using the mkmaa live weather please do not hesitate to let me know.


Ian Lawrie



Live Weather station update:




Weather station is now installed back at the flying field and currently reporting live weather.


Webpages have been updated with some added links at the bottom of each page including a 7 day forecast which is reported from other weather station sources covering the moulsoe area.


The web pages are now uploaded to our club web site server every 30 minutes and the Gauges are updated every 10 seconds.



Some of you may have noticed the mkmaa website disappeared last week, if you are reading this then it is back.

Unfortunatly the Weather station has been down again since before christmas, appologies for this I have been so busy with work and other commitments that I have not had chance to get to the field and investigate but will hopefully this weekend coming.

Hope to see you guys soon for some flying.

Ian Lawrie

Mkmaa Chairman


Club AGM to be held this coming Wednesday 13th December 2017 at the Stony Stratford Bowls Club, Milton Keynes MK11 1AR


Club AGM to be held this coming Thursday 27th December 2018 at the Stony Stratford Bowls Club, Milton Keynes MK11 1AR


Club AGM to be held Wednesday 15th January 2020 at the Stony Stratford Bowls Club, Milton Keynes MK11 1AR

Please Note:

From 30th November 2019, the law now requires that anyone operating an unmanned aircraft outdoors which weighs more than 250g is registered with the CAA and able to provide evidence of their competency (an awareness of the law)

Please visit the BMFA website for more info

All MKMAA club members will also now be required to arrange their own insurance either through the BMFA or other insurance companies available and to comply with the new law